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Adventure Activities at Kolad June 23 2015

Kolad a quaint village on Mumbai – Goa Highway has off recently captured the imagination of many adventure travel enthusiasts.

It is a good place to visit especially during the monsoon season for a short weekend break and most importantly a visit here will not drain your pocket.

Making your task easy, we at Tripplatform have listed out a few adventurous and fun activities taking place in Kolad which you can try and If you are in a group of friends you are sure to have an enjoyable time outing.


Trekking is a popular adventure activity among tourists visiting Kolad. Trips to the nearby hills and mountains in Kolad are a great opportunity for those who are new to trekking and can learn the special skills that are required.

The height and beauty of Sahaydri range provide enthralling opportunities for trekking. Trekking through this region gives an opportunity to the tourist to gain a deep insight into the immaculate beauty of the Sahaydri range and the bewitching flora and fauna as well.

Trekking is pretty safe in Kolad and most organizers will provide participants with required safety gear and safety instructions. A trekking tour will also give you a chance to meet and interact with people, indulge in photography and bird watching.


Kayaking in Kolad can be taken up as a recreational activity if undertaken on the still waters of the lake or can also be enjoyed as an adventure sport in the rushing waters of the Kundalika River.

Almost anyone can learn to kayak keeping in mind some easy safety measures and a little skill anyone enjoy this water sport.

Tourist can paddle down through the peaceful Kolad village and admire smiling children and the farmers at work. This is also an excellent opportunity to see village life at close quarters with the local people engaged in farming, fishing, duck rearing or simply just relaxing.

Flying Fox

Apart from other water sports, Kolad offers another fascinating sport called ‘Flying Fox’.

It is an interesting activity wherein you fly over the river with the help of ropes and other specialized equipments and land directly in the water splashing around.

This is an adventure sports activity involving a test of courage and focus and it also helps build team support and group dynamic skills.

River Crossing

River crossing is truly an epitome of thrill. This is another enjoyable activity and is liked by quite a number of people who are either looking to add a dimension of adventure to their lives or looking to try out new things or maybe just want to have some fun.

The calm water of the Kundalika River is an ideal place for a river crossing activity. A rope way is set across the river and you are secured to this rope using specialized equipments. This activity is done strictly under the supervision of expert instructors.

An amazing way to check your stamina, strength and learn the techniques of river crossing with the help of ropes and pulleys.

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Scuba Diving

If you have never scuba dived before and would like to experience the underwater world and the magnificent marine life this is your chance to introduce yourself to scuba diving.

Scuba diving in the warm waters of the Kundalika River will bring you face to face with colorful and diverse marine life of the river.

Different from normal diving, Scuba diving requires equipments like an oxygen tank and a tube attached to a mouth piece to allow normal breathing. An excellent adventure activity for those who seek thrill and action.

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