Kolad, Kundalika, Rafting ? January 14 2014

This Post is for clearing some of the doubts about what is Kolad, What is Kundalika, where is Rafting done, when is it done ?


So you've heard recently from your Friends about River Rafting near Mumbai / Pune and are wondering where is conducted ?


Kolad ??? Whats that, never heard of this, where did Kolad come from ?


Kolad is a Village on the Panvel - Goa Highway, its blessed with the River Kundalika flowing through it.


Some pioneers a few years ago took a Raft and decided to go down the River, and Voila they succeeded :) They realized that even River Kundalika is suitable for Rafting Trips.


Well it wasn't so easy also, it took them more than a year to try various methods, various starting points, various timings during the day and finally they realized, Yes its not that easy but Rafting can be conducted at River Kundalika


The River Kundalika has amazing Grade II and Garde III Rapids which makes the Rafting tip really exciting.


But wait a minute, where did suddenly from nowhere in Maharashtra did we get such a Freely, Swift flowing River ?


The answer lies in the Hydro Electric Project controlled by the water released from the Dam.


That's the reason why Kolad Rafting is conducted at 9 am everyday EXCEPT MONDAY

And that's the reason why it can only be conducted at 9 AM and so if you are coming for Rafing at Kolad, you better be there by 8:30 AM


After 9:30 AM, sometimes it is not possible to do the Rafting as the water level starts going down, hence, Rafting has to start at 9 AM.


The scenery is beautiful and there are quite a few Campsites & Farmhouses that have come up for accommodation.


Do plan a Day Trip or ideally an Overnight Trip with some Bonfire & Barbeque at Night and next morning Rafting.


In other Posts, we shall clear doubts about Getting to Kolad and other Activities possible at Kolad




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