River Kundalika and Timings for Rafting at Kolad November 03 2016

How it all started

About a decade ago a quaint village on the banks of the Kundalika River was just another remote village of Maharashtra.

This sleepy hamlet was always blessed with natural foliage and lush greenery. Located at the backdrop of the grand Sahyadris mountain range, Kolad’s magnificent plains and wetlands gave it a picturesque appearance. The greatest attraction of this beautiful village is the Kundalika River, which is one among the fastest flowing river in Maharashtra.

Kolad gained prominence after it was discovered by a group of professional adventure enthusiast. When visiting the Kundalika River they observed that every morning the Bhira dam nearby would release water in the Kundalika River for nearby industries in the region and seeing the water flow and the rapids they sensed an opportunity for adventure sports like white water rafting, kayaking etc.

They then spent about 6 months in trails for White River Rafting on the Kundalika River and checked for all precautions and safety measures to check the viability of adventure sports in the Kundalika River and when everything was tested and things were in place for White water river rafting they launched their adventure company and gradually initiated other water sport activities in the Kundalika River.

Over the years White Water River Rafting in Kundalika has gained popularity and now tops as the best things to do over weekends near Mumbai and Pune. Today, this place is very popular and is on every travelers list be it young and not so young alike.

Apart from river rafting this highly qualified and experienced team started other adventure sport activities like kayaking, canoeing, scuba diving, flying fox, paragliding, and river crossing. Boating through the Kundalika River is a real experience of a life time for any visitor and lush magnificent greenery around the riverbanks can be enjoyed by all.

This scenic locale with a fascinating and amazing spectacle of nature thus became a recommended picnic spot for those who prefer to enjoy the lovely warmth of nature.


A boon for adventure sports enthusiast

Kolad has become a real boon for the holiday goers of Mumbai and Pune because earlier they were starved off weekend holiday destinations and were bored of visiting the same old locations like Mahableshwar, Matheran, Lonavala etc in the near vicinity.

Also there was never a water adventure sport hub in Maharashtra and then people of Mumbai or Pune who wanted to indulge in water adventure sports had to travel all the way to other parts of India to experience it.

Today Kolad is a white water rafting hotspot in Maharashtra and it is in the same league what Coorg is to Karnataka, Kullu in Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh in Kashmir and Rishikesh in Uttarakhand. Kolad is among the top five rafting places in India and the ONLY rafting facility in India that is operational all round the year.


White Water River Rafting on the Kundalika

Bhira dam which is popularly known as Tata power dam is located near the Kundalika River and was installed in 1927 by Tata Power Company and the water from this dam is highly useful in irrigation purposes in the nearby villages and the power generated from this dam is the backbone of many industrial activities in this region.

White Water Rafting in Kundalika River mainly depends on the water released from this dam. The Kundalika River then provides an opportunity for white water rafting for over a stretch of 12 - 13 km. The rafting experience lasts typically for around two hours, though the rafting schedule may vary depending on the discharge of the dam water and since this endeavor is conducted in a stretch between 2 dams there is complete safety and there is no sudden rise in water levels or chances of stronger under currents.

Though best time for white water rafting in Kundalika River is the monsoon season when the level of water rises and makes rafting even more exciting.

The rafting trip begins with an introductory session with instructors guiding participants through various paddling techniques, safety instructions to be followed in case they fall out of the raft. No prior experiences of rafting or even know how of swimming is required here. All participants will wear a helmet and a life jacket throughout the rafting tour.

A highly qualified and experienced team of rafting professionals who have had a rich experience of negotiating the diverse rivers of India like Alaknanda, Bhagirathi, Indus, Zankar, Bramhaputra and Kali are at the helm of affairs at Kundalika white water river rafting.

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Important details you must know about river rafting program:

Rafting distance – 12 to 13 Km.

Rapid type – Grade 2 to Grade 3.

Duration – 2 to 3 hours (depending on the flow of water).

Reporting time: 08:00 a.m. (At the starting point, the start of Rafting depends on the release of water from the dam).

Organizers are not responsible if tourists are late to reach at the venue. Rafting happens only once every day at 8:30p.m. except in monsoon season when it may be more frequent due to excess water.

Age Requirement – Minimum 14 years of age (To be accepted at the instructor’s discretion).

Weight – Min weight 35 Kg, Max weight 120 Kg.

Pregnant women, severe asthmatics and heart patients are not allowed to raft.

Group Size required: Minimum 6 people.

Tourists who are coming by their own vehicle must remember that car parking is available at the starting point of the rafting trip; it ends after a ride of 12 -14 km. So, tourist will have to come back (14 km) to the starting point again by Rickshaw which is available at the end point of the rafting trip. Tourists who have been accompanied by their own drivers can ask them to come and pick them up at the end point after finishing their rafting ride.



Wear light clothing preferably Lycra or something that is easy to dry and not heavy when wet.

Wear Strap on floaters (footwear).
Do not wear any jewelry, danglers around neck, ears or wrists even avoid rings on fingers as far as possible.
Please do not carry wallets, cameras, mobile phones or any item that you would not like getting wet.


Other Important Details:

The Rafting schedule in the Kundalika River depends solely on the water released by the Bhira Dam i.e. by Government authorities. Water level then rises which making Rafting possible in the Kundalika River. Every day the water is released from the dam at about 8:15 a.m. there could be a slight delay in the release of the water from the dam; in that case the rafting session will get delayed by a few minutes.

There have been very rare cases when the Government officials have not released water into the Kundalika River (typically there have been 5 such instances in 365 days). In such cases tourist will get a refund for their rafting charges.


Staying options near River Kundalika at Kolad

A few campsites, farmhouses, private bungalows and resorts have come up near the Kundalika River where adventure lovers can come here as family, group of friends or as a corporate group.

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