The climate in Kolad is of a tropical type and being in the midst of the Sahyadri mountain range the weather is generally pleasant throughout the year so, one can visit Kolad ANY time of the year

So let’s have a look at the climatic conditions during the major seasons so you can plan your visit accordingly.


Monsoons (June to October):

The entire Konkan belt is blessed with heavy rain during the monsoons and this is the best time to visit Kolad for white water river rafting as the water levels in the river are high and the currents get stronger which makes rafting even more exciting and enjoyable.


Also during this time the entire Sahaydri range comes alive and the entire region is full of waterfalls and one can enjoy trekking through the waterfalls and lush greenery, for more adventure seekers they can indulge in adventurous activities like rock climbing, rappelling, river crossing etc.


Monsoons are also an ideal time in Kolad to admire a wide variety of flora and fauna; hear the shrill of the birds chirping or see colorful butterflies at work.

Winters (November to February):

These are also extremely good months to visit Kolad as the weather during this time is pleasantly cool and comfortable. Tourist can enjoy rafting, other adventure activities or spend time relaxing and visiting attractions in and around Kolad. As night falls it gets a bit chilly this is the perfect time to enjoy a barbeque or light a campfire and have a great time with your buddies.


Summers (March to May):

During summer the climate is hotter during the day, but this still does not affect white water rafting activity because rafting takes place in the morning at around 8:00 a.m. and ends by 11:00 a.m. So in no way are tourist affected by the summer heat and this is ideal for tourist who are on a one day trip. But this is an ideal time also for tourists who prefer lesser crowds and would like to relax, enjoy and experience Kolad all by themselves or with their buddies.

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