Why Visit Kolad November 03 2016

If you are looking to get away from the routine life of work, worry and stress, then take a break from your city life andenjoy a holiday to a hot new destination called Kolad, the adventure capital of Maharashtra which has an unspoiled beauty to offer and is waiting to be explored.

Regular destinations like Matheran, Mahableshwar or Lonavala however beautiful are generally overcrowded and overpriced during weekends. So, instead plan a weekend trip to this picturesque little village of Kolad, which is about 120 km fromboth Mumbai and Pune.


About Kolad

Kolad is a small prosperous village situated on the banks of river Kundalika in Raigad district of Maharashtra. This hamlet is blessed with lush greenery and at its backdrop is the majestic Sahyadri mountain range with beautiful valleysand marshlands adding to the scenic beauty. Kolad became popular after it was discovered by a few hikers and adventure sport lovers and they found it an ideal location for conducting adventurous activities. Today, Kolad is steadily gaining recognition with tourist due to its vicinity to resorts, farmhouses, river rafting facilities, campsites, waterfalls,dams, forts, lakes and other scenic attractions.

Best time to visit Kolad

Between June to March is the ideal for visiting Kolad. Monsoon season is the most beautiful time to visit, winters are pleasant. While summer months of March to May are slightly hotter hence should be avoided.

Adventure activities @ Kolad

White water river rafting:

The biggest attraction in Kolad is the ‘Kundalika River Rafting'. The source of Kundalika River is from Tamhini Ghat and it flows through Kolad village and is a perfect place for rafting for amateurs. This rafting activity is conducted between two dams which are about 12 km apart. Rafting starts from the lower side of Bhira Dam and runs into Dolwahal Dam and since there is no unfamiliar changes in the levels of water this river is highly safe and has been recognized as water sports hub. Enjoy rafting in this 12 km water stretch which is full of exciting rapids of grade 3 type making it a fun-filled 2 hour activity.

A visit during the monsoon season is ideal since rafting activities are at its peak due to the high levels of water.

Indulge in river rafting as this activity apart from being thrilling and exciting, will help you get over your fears andwill make you a stronger and courageous person.

This is the only rafting facility in India that is operational all round the year.

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Other River Adventures:

Besides river rafting, the Kundalika River offers other river adventures like kayaking, canoeing and river zip linecrossing. Boating through this river is a relaxing experience as you get to watch the gentle pace of village life of Kolad and its surroundings which is rich in vegetation and has a great biological diversity.


Land Adventures @ Kolad:

Kolad is well known for its waterfalls, rugged topography and rocky mountains. Here the trekking trails offered vary from medium challenges to adventurous, and trekking during the monsoon season has its own charm as nature is at its best as there is water on all sides and trekking amidst rain drenched trees and mist covered mountains makes it a unique feature of Kolad.

Tourist can also indulge in other adventurous activities like mountain biking, paragliding, rock climbing, rappelling and climbing up through thundering waterfalls enjoying the beautiful scenery while being a part it.

With growing popularity Kolad has become home to a few campsites and farm houses, which have a breathtaking views and complete access to the backwaters of the Kundalika River.


Farmhouse stays @ Kolad

After a fun-filled day of adventure farm houses in Kolad offer a peaceful home stay and tourist can get the much neededrest after a tiring day of activities. Here you can enjoy a farm type adventure stay which includes activities for both individuals and corporate houses. Birding enthusiasts must pack appropriate binoculars and amateurs should carry birding books since the farm houses here are amidst rich vegetation and one can get to see at least 40 different species of birds and animals.

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Camping adventures @ Kolad

Campsites in Kolad provide a perfect ambiance for visiting tourist to enjoy a romantic evening with their better half's or with their friends. As night falls and it gets a bit chilly the entire campsite is bathed in golden glow this is the ideal time to sit by a campfire. Tourist can prepare a barbecue and test their skills while meeting other campers and share with them their travel stories.

The campsites are well equipped with luxury tents, picnic tables, lanterns and spacious ground for outdoor activities.

Be it a campsite or a farm stay every need and comfort of the tourist is planned and well taken care of.

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Camping Checklist: Carry these essentials for a safe camping experience.

Sturdy rope
Pen knife
First aid kit
Sleeping bag
Insect repellent

Attractions In & Around Kolad

Kundalika River
Bhira Dam (Tata Powerhouse Dam)
Dholwal Dam
Kuda Caves
Kolad Museum
Sutarwadi Lake
Tamhini Falls
Ghosala Fort
Tala Fort