Attractions In and Around Kolad Kundalika November 03 2016

There are lots of interesting places to visit In and Around Kolad that make for a lovely detour or excursion during yourtrip to Kolad.So plan your trip well as it is a good idea to cover these nearby places according to your convenience and choice.

From natural wonders like 'Kuda Caves' and numerous waterfalls to religious places dedicated to the divine beings, from architectural marvels of 'Janjira fort' to wildlife parks like 'Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary', for spotting birds and wild animals there is no dearth of interesting places near Kolad.

Most of these nearby attractions are at a distance of a couple of hours and are well within 50 km to 75 km from Kolad.So we at TripPlatform have prepared a comprehensive list of attractions from which tourist from Mumbai or Pune can plan their visit during their drive to or from Kolad.


Rivers and Lakes

Kundalika River:

This is the main attraction of Kolad and is a paradise for adventure enthusiast. The 14 km river stretch across Kolad is perfect for white water rafting and other adventurous activities. Besides adventure sports the banks of the river isgreat spot for picnics where tourist can enjoy the lovely warmth of nature.

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Sutarwadi Lake:

It is a perfect attraction for tourists who wish to spend time in solitude. The lake is a haven for migratory birds and aparadise for bird watchers. The lake is situated on the backdrop of the scenic Sahyadri range and offers excellent views of the sunrise and sunset from the shores of the lake.



Kolad Museum:

If you are a lover of rural arts and crafts then here is your chance to get a glimpse of the magnificent creations of Shree Ramesh Ghone a local talented sculptor.

At this small little museum you will find a variety of sculptures carved out of bamboo and with other kinds of wood.

Wood carvings depicting nature is Mr Ghone’s specialty, along with many other useful items have been made of wood and are on display at the museum.



Every year during the monsoon season the Sahyadri range comes alive with lush greenery and grassy valleys all around,during this time one gets to see many waterfalls throughout this region. A few waterfalls are nestled faraway in thevalley while others are right by the roadside. The major waterfalls in this region are

Tamhini Waterfalls:

Also known as Valse waterfalls locally, this is a wonderful attraction near Kolad. When here, tourist can spend time and enjoy at the waterfalls at the same time enjoy breath taking views of the valley, watch diverse range of birds and relax in the tranquil environment.

Sukeli Waterfalls:

Sukeli is a small little hamlet in Raigad district and is about 7 km from Kolad village. It is blessed with a beautiful landscapes and lush greenery. The Sukeli waterfall is the major attraction here and tourist can enjoy themselves at the waterfall which is amidst lush greenery. Tourist can also spend time here relaxing and enjoy a picnic with their family in this peaceful and calm environment close to nature.

Vardayini Waterfall:

Located on the Mumbai – Goa highway after Nagothane – Pali junction and just before the Sukeli Khind. Kherwadi village is the base village to visit the magnificent Vardayini falls, here at the village you can park you vehicle and with the help of local villagers tourist can reach the location of the falls. The route goes through thick vegetation but once here tourist can enjoy the waterfalls better with just a handful of souls around. A perfect place to enjoy a day’s picnic with your friends or family in this quaint and beautiful place.


Ancient Caves

Kuda Caves :

Distance from Kolad : 20 km
Distance from Mumbai: 130 km
Distance from Pune: 150 km

Located near Kuda village on Mumbai – Goa highway the cave complex consists of 26 Buddhist caves. These ancient caves were built during the period between 1st and 6th century B.C. and served as a haven for the Buddhist monks seeking peace.

Today, the monks have been forgotten but their presence is marked by beautiful statues of Buddha carved in stone. An adventurous stop over for tourist on their way to or from Kolad.

Attractions: Trekking, Explore the cave complex.


Thanale Caves :

Distance from Kolad: 50 km
Distance from Mumbai: 93 Km
Distance from Pune: 115 Km

Thanale caves are a complex of 28 rock cut Buddhist caves built during the 3rd – 2nd B.C. reachable from Pali via a trek of about an hour through dense forest. The route is picturesque with lush greenery and waterfalls and once you reach the caves you will be enamored by the statues of Buddha mounted on pedestals in various poses for centuries. A must visit for trekkers and adventure lovers as it’s a journey into the heart of the unknown.

Attractions: Trekking, Explore the cave complex.



Bhira Dam :

This dam was built by Tata Power Company in the year 1927.Since then its water is being used for power generation and irrigational purpose.

White water rafting at the Kundalika River essentially depends on the water released from this dam. This dam is a blessing for this region as the entire region is kept lush green throughout the year making it an awesome picnic spot.

Dholwal Dam :

This dam is situated in the picturesque mountain ranges of the Sahyadris. The water of the dam is primarily used forirrigation purpose and is maintained by the Irrigation department of Maharashtra.

Visitors get mesmerized by the majestic appearance of the dam and the sight of watching the gushing water is something visitors will never forget for a life time.


Hill Forts

There are several hill forts (Talagad – Ghosalgad – Birwadi – Avchitgad) near Roha town itself. With proper planning and with your own vehicle tourist can visit them and make most of their trip to Kolad.


Avchitgad Fort:

Distance from Kolad: 16 Km
Distance from Mumbai: 118 Km
Distance from Pune: 140 Km

Avchitgad fort is a historic fort located in the Sahayadri ranges across the Kundalika River and is 5 km from the town of Roha. The base villages to reach the fort are via Pengalsai, Medha or Padam. Furthermore, to reach the fort one has to trek through a dense forest, the ideal time to visit the fort is during the monsoon season.

The attractions at the fort complex consist of old water tanks, a few cannons, ancient inscriptions and fortifications,and a few idols of local deities. Carrying food and water during your trip is advisable.

Level of Difficulty(Trekking) : Easy.
Attractions: Trekking, Bird watching and Sightseeing.


Ghosalagad Fort:

Distance from Kolad:  22 Km
Distance from Mumbai:  134 Km
Distance from Pune: 156 Km

A visit to Ghosalgad fort adds a historic dimension to your trip, once upon a time this fort was one of the mostimportant forts of ‘Shivaji Maharaj the Great’. The fort holds a commanding view of the region and in the bygone era it was strategically important to keep a watch on the business and trade activities. The base village to reach the fort is Ghosal. Carrying your own food and water is advisable.

Level of Difficulty(Trekking): Mediume entire Roha region.

Level of Difficulty(Trekking): Easy.
Attractions: Trekking, Sightseeing.


Sarasgad Fort:

Distance from Kolad: 25 Km
Distance from Mumbai: 120 Km
Distance from Pune:  120 Km

Locally known as ‘Pagadicha Kila’ due to its resemblance to the Puneri Pagadi this small little fort is located to theeast of Pali.Once upon a time it was a strategically important fort of Shivaji Maharaj and was used specifically to keep an eye of the surrounding regions. The base village to reach this fort is Thakurwadi, today it is mostly visited bypilgrims and tourist.

Level of Difficulty(Trekking): Easy to Medium.
Attractions: Trekking, Enjoy panoramic views atop the fort, Small sized caves in the near vicinity, A Shiv temple within the fort complex.


Sudhagad Fort:

Distance from Kolad: 36 Km
Distance from Mumbai: 108 Km
Distance from Pune:  132 Km

The Sudhagad fort is an ancient fort and is believed to have been in existence since 200 B.C. Today this fort is apopular trekking and camping destination and it is hidden in between dense forest but it is still known to be one of thebest preserved forts with its high walls and fortifications still intact.

Level of Difficulty(Trekking): Easy.
Attractions: Trekking, Camping, Explore small caves nearby.


Talagad Fort:

Distance from Kolad:  12 Km
Distance from Mumbai:  120 Km
Distance from Pune:  145 Km

This ancient fort was built during the 4th century by Bhoja Raja, protected by nature this fort continues to stand strong even on this day. A hike to the top takes about 30 minutes, once here the view from the top is just awesome and offers 360 degree view of the entire Roha region.

Level of Difficulty(Trekking): Easy.
Attractions: Trekking, Sightseeing.


Kurdugad Fort:

Distance from Kolad: 33 Km
Distance from Mumbai:  154 Km
Distance from Pune:  90 Km

Also known as ‘Vishramgad’ this fort was built during the reign of Shivaji Maharaj. The best time to visit this fort is during or after the monsoon season as the greenery and scenic beauty around the fort and the entire region isbreathtaking. The base village to reach this fort is Kurdupeth.

Level of Difficulty(Trekking): Easy.
Attractions: Trekking, Sightseeing, Temple of goddess Kurdai.

Wildlife Sanctuary

Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary :

Distance from Kolad: 67 km
Distance from Mumbai: 117 km
Distance from Pune: 165 km

With over 700 types of flora and 300 types of fauna that includes birds, butterflies and animals, a day’s trek or asafari to Phansad Wildlife Sanctuary is an entertaining digression during a holiday to Kolad.

Major attractions at the sanctuary are leopards, hyenas, barking deer’s, horn-bills, black eagles and many species of birds, butterflies and snakes.

Ideally plan an overnight trip at the sanctuary, so you will get to experience the early mornings and late night stays inthe jungle with the help of the forest guards.

Must Carry: Binoculars, Camera, Food and Water.


Karnala Bird Sanctuary :

Distance from Kolad: 65 km
Distance from Mumbai: 50 km
Distance from Pune: 120 km

This bird sanctuary is located in Panvel taluka along the Mumbai - Goa highway (NH-17).This is an adventurous stop over for tourist who are on their way to or from Kolad.

A popular destination for avid birdwatchers and trekkers, this sanctuary boasts of having about 150 species of resident and 37 species of migratory birds who generally visit during monsoon and winter seasons.

The sanctuary is open to visitors from sunrise to sunset. Ideally make an early morning visit as you will get a greaterchance of spotting birds and get a head start with your trek to the Karnala fort.Since birds are early risers try to synchronize with them.

Level of Difficulty (Trekking): Easy – Medium.
Must Carry: Binoculars, Camera, Food and Water
Attractions: Karnala fort, Trekking, Bird watching and a small zoo.


Attractions on the way from Pune to Kolad

If you are planning a trip to Kolad from Pune then plan your visit well because en-route you can make a stopover at two adventurous attractions viz Mulshi Lake and Tamhini Ghat.

Mulshi Lake:

Mulshi Lake is an artificial lake on the Mulshi dam that offers breathtaking views of the lake and of the green mountain ranges. Thanks to the pleasant weather throughout the year i.e. even in summers, the Mulshi lake has takers all round the year and has become a popular weekend spot for camping and for enjoying a campfire beside the lake making it a perfect setting for a romantic evening.

An ideal place for a day long trip with friends and a must visit for trekkers, nature enthusiast and photographers. After spending a great time here you can then move towards Tamhini Ghat i.e. about 10 km ahead, right through your journey you will witness innumerable waterfalls, streams and greenery all around making it a pleasant journey.


Tamhini Ghat:

The Tamhini ghat stretches for almost around 15 km, a visit to this ghat is always a pleasant experience, but the besttime for a visit is during the monsoon season when the entire region transforms into a green bed along with manywaterfalls and small streams all around.

So beautiful is the entire stretch that you will be tempted to stop at every corner to admire the views and click photographs of the entire panorama.

After enjoying a wonderful time at the ghats you can now move towards Kolad which is about 55 km from here.


Religious and Spiritual

Ganpati Temple at Pali :

Distance from Kolad: 44 Km
Distance from Mumbai: 105 Km
Distance from Pune: 111 Km

For devotees of lord Ganesha who wish to visit ‘ Ashtavinayak’ i.e. one of the eight Ganesha temples, they can make a stopover at Pali and visit the Ballaleshwar Pali temple located in the Sudhagad taluka. The temple has been named after a devotee of Lord Ganesha named ‘Ballal’ and it is a major pilgrimage center and tourist attraction.

Attractions: The Ballaleshwar temple complex, Explore the picturesque town of Pali.

Gaimukh :

Gaimukh which literally means a cow’s mouth is a small village near Kolad and is a unique destination as here visitors will get a unique experience of 3 different tours i.e. religious, archaeological and adventure. The most popular attraction here is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva, a cave dedicated to the Kuramvars and a natural spring.


Kashid :

Distance from Kolad: 55 km
Distance from Mumbai: 120 km
Distance from Pune: 170 km

Kashid beach is one of the best beaches in the Konkan region and is a popular holiday destination for residents of Mumbai and Pune. The beach is well known for its clear waters and white sands.

Attractions at the beach: Water-sports, all terrain vehicles, horse rides, camel rides, para-sailing, dolphin spotting;enjoy a variety of sea foods.


Nandgaon :

Distance from Kolad: 48 km
Distance from Mumbai: 143 km
Distance from Pune: 185 km

Nandgaon is a beautiful hamlet situated on the Kashid - Murud stretch on the western coast. This place is popular for the majestic siddhi-vinayak temple and its pristine beaches.

Attractions at the beach: Banana boat rides, para-sailing, flying fox, trust fall, Burma Bridge and coconut tree climbing.


Murud :

Distance from Kolad: 45 km
Distance from Mumbai: 156 km
Distance from Pune: 180 km

While everyone heads to the beaches of Goa, some head to relatively unexplored Murud. As you set foot on this lazy beach and feel the sea breeze and soft sands you will be happy you came here. This beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Konkan region facing the formidable Janjira fort which is 500 m offshore.

Attractions: Temple of Dattatray nearby atop a hillock, Janjira fort, boat rides, swimming.


Alibaug :

Distance from Kolad: 65 km
Distance from Mumbai: 90 km
Distance from Pune: 140 km

Weekend travelers from Mumbai and Pune favor Alibaug for a holiday because of its near deserted beaches and multiple water sports options. Set amidst the backdrop of the Arabian Sea, Alibaug is home to tranquil waters and lacunae beaches.

Attractions: water sport activities, enjoy variety of sea foods, Kulaba Fort, Kaneshwar Mandir, magnetic observatory, multiple shopping options.


Nagaon :

Distance from Kolad: 60 km
Distance from Mumbai: 98 km
Distance from Pune: 145 km

Nagoan beach is an excellent destination to visit if you are looking for a beach that has crystal clear waters, excellentaccommodations and water sports facilities and is close to both Mumbai and Pune. This beach is safe for a dip and one can walk safely up to a long distance into the sea. The surrounding greenery and scenic beauty makes it a very romantic place.

Attraction: water-sports, para-sailing, swimming, surfing, boating, jet-skiing, motor-boats, banana boat rode and speed bikes.

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Sea Forts

Janjira Fort:

Distance from Kolad:  50 Km
Distance from Mumbai:   160 Km
Distance from Pune:  180 Km

Discover the charms of being on an island fortress. The Janjira fort was built during the 17th century and since then it was known as an architectural marvel and considered impregnable. The fort is surrounded by water on all sides and is about 2 km from the seashore and can be can be reached only by sailboats.

Attractions: Explore the fort complex, Spend time at the glittering sandy beach of Murud.


Kasa Fort:

Distance from Kolad: 45 Km
Distance from Mumbai: 157 Km
Distance from Pune: 180 Km

Kasa fort, also known as Padmadurg was built by Sambhaji Maharaj mainly to conquer the nearby fort of Janjira. The rocky island on which the fort was built was called Kasa and the fort was named Padmadurg. This fort is not as big as Janjira but still can be visited upon obtaining permission by Indian Customs or Navy. The fort can be accessed by boats, but please keep in mind since major part of this fort is in ruins it is rarely visited and it does not have a proper place to dock so one should be careful while getting on and off the boat at Padmadurg.

Attractions: Explore the fort complex, Sightseeing.


Kulaba Fort:

Distance from Kolad:  65 Km
Distance from Mumbai:   90 Km
Distance from Pune:   140 Km

This medieval fort was built during the 16th century by Shivaji Maharaj and is surrounded by sea from all sides and is about 2 km from the shores. The fort can be reached by foot during low tide or by boat during a high tide.

Attractions: Explore the fort complex and admire the ancient architecture and wall carvings inside the fort.


Korlai Sea Fort & Lighthouse:

Distance from Kolad:  50 Km
Distance from Mumbai:   110 Km
Distance from Pune:   160 Km

Also called as ‘Castle Curlew’ or ‘El Moro’ this is an ancient Portuguese   fort situated in the village of Korlai. Today, most parts of the fort are in ruins but what remains is an ancient temple, a church, a horse stable and a few canons.

There is also a lighthouse near the fort which poses a mesmerizing picture by the day and mysterious by night. The views from the light house are just splendid. The surrounding beach is secluded and is perfect for a private beach experience.

Attractions: Korlai Fort, Light house & Beach.


Revdanda Fort:

Distance from Kolad:  50 km
Distance from Mumbai: 105 km
Distance from Pune:  155 km

Revdanda Beach Fort was built by the Portuguese in the year 1558. The fort is surrounded by the Arabian Sea on three sides and has a seven storey watch tower that served as a vantage point against the enemies entering from the Arabian Sea.

Today, the fort lies in ruins and is covered with palm trees and betel nut plantations. Tourist can take a memorable walk within the fort complex and admire the view of the turquoise water of the Arabian Sea.

Attraction: Sightseeing.