Cottages Stay at Rafting Start Point



Cottages at Rafting Start Point with Swimming Pool


For Bookings and Inquiries: Please call 9987501613 / 9967591613

 Or Whatsapp us on 9987501613


Our Cottages are situated near the River, right at the Rafting start point.


In fact we are the Only ones in Kolad with stay facility right at the Rafting Start Point


The Camp has beautiful lush green surroundings.



You could start your day with tea and Breakfast and then proceed for Rafting down the Kundalika. 


We offer a host of Activities at our Camp:

COMPLIMENTARY for your group to enjoy


Football, Volleyball, Table Tennis, Carom, Cricket


Packages to Choose From

Each Package includes All Meals

(i.e. 1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch and 1 Dinner)


Package 1: 1 Night Stay & Meals - Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner - Bonfire and Music (but Bonfire not available during Monsoons)


Rs 1,800 per person 

Optional: Add Rs 200 per person for Swimming Pool if groups want to enjoy the newly made Swimming Pool


Add: Extra for River Rafting

Weekdays : Rs 1200 per person

Weekends: Rs 1700 per person


Optional Add-On: Rs 500 for Kayaking, River Crossing, Zipline



For Bookings and Inquiries: Please call 9987501613 / 9967591613 


And after the sun goes down, we offer Camp Bonfire with Music and Dinner.




White Water River Rafting is Included in the Package


1 Breakfast, 1 Lunch, 1 Dinner, 1 Evening Tea


Complimentary: Burma Bridge, Commando Crossing, Volleyball, Tarzan Swing



Please Note:


Located at Rafting Start Point

Swimming Pool at Extra Charge : Rs 200 per person (Optional)

Transportation from Rafting end Point to Rafting start point is NOT Included

Non A/c Charges

Other Activities possible nearby are Kayaking, River Crossing, Zipline or Bumper Ride and Banana Ride


And after the sun goes down, we offer Camp Bonfire, Music and Dinner



We have 8 Cottages for Stay:

Cottage 1 - Capacity of 5 Persons

Cottage 2 - Capacity of 5 Persons

Cottage 3 - Capacity of 6 - 8 Persons

Cottage 4 - Capacity of 6 - 8 Persons

Cottage 5 - Capacity of 6 - 8 Persons

Cottage 6 - Capacity of 10 - 12 Persons

Cottage 7 - Capacity of 14 - 16 Persons

Cottage 8 - Capacity of 14 - 16 Persons


For Bookings and Inquiries: Please call 9987501613 



Starters or Barbeque at Rs. 700/- per Kg


How to Get There:

Located at the Rafting Start Point


For Bookings and Inquiries: Please call 9987501613 

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